eChoice Sold To CBA Subsidiary

The Voluntary Administrators have announced that they have accepted an offer and executed an unconditional sale agreement with, Finconnect (Australia) Pty Limited (as subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia) to sell the assets of the eChoice Administration Group companies.

This does not include the assets of the eChoice companies which have existing contracts with brokers or lenders that have not been placed into administration. The assets consist principally of the eChoice concierge platform, IT, intellectual property and staff.

The sale to Finconnect will allow eChoice’s employees, suppliers, brokers, lenders and leadership team to continue to operate and deliver for customers as they always have, but benefitting from the support of a larger financial institution, with minimal impact to current roles and leadership structure.

The Administrators will continue with their review of the affairs of the Administration Group with a view to the preparation of a report to creditors next year. This report will provide details of the Group’s financial affairs, including its background and historical trading. At this stage, the Administrators are not in a position to advise in respect to these matters or provide any further details pertaining to the sale agreement. These are issues properly considered in the report to creditors.

In accordance with the orders of the Federal Court of Australia made on 14 December 2017, this report will be forwarded to creditors to convene a meeting of creditors to be held by 29 March 2017.

Author: Martin North

Martin North is the Principal of Digital Finance Analytics

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