Mobile First IS Banking’s Imperative

We recently released the latest 2016 edition of our banking channel report ‘The Quiet Revolution”, which is available on request. Our April Video Blog summarises the main findings.

The Quiet Revolution highlights that existing players need to be thinking about how they will deploy appropriate services through digital channels, as their customers are rapidly migrating there. We see this migration to digital more advanced among higher income households but momentum continues to spread. So players which are slow to catch the wave will be left with potentially less valuable customers longer term. Players need to adapt more quickly to the digital world. We are way past an omni-channel (let them choose a channel) strategy. We need to adopt a “mobile-first” strategy. Such digital migration needs to become central strategy because the winners will be those with the technical capability, customer sense and flexibility to reinvent banking in the digital age. The bank branch has limited life expectancy. Banks should be planning accordingly.



Author: Martin North

Martin North is the Principal of Digital Finance Analytics

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