NAB announces start to Comprehensive Credit Reporting

NAB has announced it will commence its roll out of Comprehensive Credit Reporting in February 2018. Read our earlier post “Comprehensive Credit Reporting, Friend or Foe?”

Comprehensive Credit Reporting will provide a more complete picture of a customer’s situation, and mean that lenders like NAB are better able to match the provision of credit to a customer’s individual needs.

“Most Australians have a credit report, and with Comprehensive Credit Reporting, these reports will represent a more balanced reflection of their credit history,” NAB Chief Operating Officer, Antony Cahill, said.

“NAB has championed Comprehensive Credit Reporting from the start because we believe it’s the right thing to do for customers.”

“Comprehensive Credit Reporting will help ensure customers get the right product and credit that’s suitable for their needs, and it will drive more competition in the industry,” Mr Cahill said.

Currently, an Australian’s credit report contains only ‘negative’ information such as payment defaults, credit enquiries, bankruptcies, and court orders and judgements. Under Comprehensive Credit Reporting, positive credit information will be added – including accounts that have been opened, credit limits on those accounts, and details of monthly payments made.

“By having a more complete picture, we can have better discussions with customers and make the right products and credit limits available to them,” Mr Cahill said.

NAB is phasing its roll out of Comprehensive Credit Reporting, commencing with personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts, to ensure it is a smooth transition for customers.

“A number of smaller players have already started participating in Comprehensive Credit Reporting, and we look forward to seeing it roll out across the industry,” Mr Cahill said.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting has been supported by the Federal Government, and will bring Australia in line with many other countries including New Zealand, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

Author: Martin North

Martin North is the Principal of Digital Finance Analytics

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  1. Equifax is handling this for the NAB and based on their recent performance in the USA – “The number of American consumers whose personal and financial information has been compromised by Equifax’s data breach is 145.5 million.” Which I note is without any form of punishment, how can this happen? Our data will not be secure and add in the banks proven, demonstrated money laundering recent history and we have a very bad combination.

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