Royal Commission Spotlights Brokers

The Banking Royal Commission has released an information paper on Mortgage Brokers. It is a good summary and looks at industry structure, shares, and commissions.

According to data from the MFAA and the ABS, the total value of new loans placed by brokers has increased as a percentage of GDP since March 2013 but has remained relatively stable over recent quarters. Loans placed by brokers in the March quarter 2017 was equivalent to around 2.7% of nominal GDP (four quarters to March 2017), up from around 1.6% in the March quarter 2013. In the four quarters to March 2017, the value of the loans placed by brokers was equivalent to around 11 % of nominal GDP

According to data provided by The Adviser on the top 25 brokers, four brokers — Aussie, Mortgage Choice, Loan Market and Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers — are larger in terms of total book size, volume of loans settled and number of brokers. The remaining brokers in The Adviser’s top 25 have a smaller share of the market.


Author: Martin North

Martin North is the Principal of Digital Finance Analytics

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