Slowing Momentum – Auction Results 16 Dec 2017

The preliminary auction clearance results are in from Domain. Once again further confirmation of slowing momentum, though possibly distorted by the impending holidays. Sydney’s results last week settled at 48.6%, well below the national average, and the count is lower this week.

Brisbane cleared 55% of 129 scheduled, Adelaide 0% of 96 scheduled, and Canberra 72% of 63 scheduled.

Auction Results 09 Dec 2017 – Going Down!

The preliminary auction results are in from Domain.  We see an ongoing weakening trend, especially in Sydney where last week clearances settled at 51.4%, and the preliminary today is 58.2% so far, but will settle lower.

Comparing the results with last year, both the volume of sales and auctions are down. This will continue to lead home prices lower.

Brisbane achieved 44% of 117 scheduled, Adelaide 67% of 108 and  Canberra 68% of 80.

Auction Volumes Fall This Week

The latest results from Domain show that the volume of auctions this week was lower, and last week the clearance rate ended up at a weak 58.7% nationally.  More evidence that momentum is easing, especially in Sydney.

Brisbane cleared 45% of 131 scheduled, Adelaide 58% of 87 and Canberra 77% of 81 auctions scheduled, so the strongest result.


Auction Results 25 Nov 2017

The preliminary results are in from Domain.  Melbourne continues to run ahead of Sydney, with rates in the mid 60’s, significantly below this time last year. Typically the final results are lower.  More evidence of a cooling market, so expect prices to move lower.

Brisbane cleared 59% of the 119 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 61% of 106 and Canberra 67% of 99 scheduled.

Another Weak Set of Auction Results – 11 Nov 2017

The Domain preliminary auction clearance results are in, and they appear to reveal another weak result, especially in the Sydney market.  The overall rates are lower than this time last year.

The clearance rate in Brisbane was 32% on 143 listed,  Adelaide achieved 76% on 81 scheduled and Canberra 71% on 102 auctions.

Auction Results 04 Nov 2017

The Domain preliminary auction results are in, and the national clearance rate is sitting at around 66%, compared with 71% last year, on lower volumes. Melbourne of course is down ahead of the Melbourne Cup.

Brisbane cleared 43% of 125 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 63% of 83 scheduled and Canberra 71% of 100 auctions. So momentum is strongest in Canberra and Melbourne, although more property actually changed hands in Sydney. We expect the weakness in the market to continue in the weeks up to the summer break.

Auction Results 28 Oct 2017

We have the preliminary results from Domain, which underscores the gap between the momentum in Sydney and Melbourne. Total listings and clearance rates were significantly higher down south.

In addition, while Brisbane achieved 39% on 135 scheduled auctions, Adelaide, reached 69% of 96 scheduled (at a clearance rate HIGHER than Sydney!) and Canberra cleared 82% of 100 scheduled, the highest in the country. This chimes with our surveys, which shows significant numbers of property investor switching away from Sydney and towards both Canberra and Adelaide, where property is more reasonable, and where tenants are paying, on a net rental basis, higher rates.

So the question is, will Sydney continue to stall, as prices continue to slide, and will the same falling trends begin to spread to the more buoyant states?

We are on a knife edge…!

Auction Results 21 Oct 2017

The preliminary auction clearance results are in from Domain.  Looks like the volume of sales has fallen compared with last week (even though the clearance rate is higher) and last year – all subject to final results later of course. Melbourne is still hotter than Sydney, where our leading indicator research suggests appetite for property is cooling the fastest.

Brisbane achieved 49% clearance on 102 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 70% on 103 scheduled, and Canberra 70% on 49 scheduled auctions.

Auction Results 14 Oct 2017

The preliminary auction results are in from Domain. The trend continues with lower volumes but still strong clearance rates in the main centres, and with Melbourne leading the charge.

Away from the Sydney/Melbourne axis, Brisbane cleared 48% of 121 scheduled auctions, Adelaide achieved a 79% result on 72 scheduled auctions and Canberra 68% of 47 scheduled.

Auction Results 30 Sep 2017

The preliminary auction clearance results are in from Domain. Given it is a long weekend, the number of sales are way down on last week.

Brisbane cleared 47% of 78 scheduled, Adelaide had no sales on 8 listed, and Canberra cleared 73% of the 35 scheduled auctions.