The Definitive Guide To Our Latest Mortgage Stress Research

We have had an avalanche of requests for further information about our monthly mortgage stress research which is published as a series of blog posts plus coverage in the media, including Four Corners. Here is the timeline of recent posts, which together provides a comprehensive view of the work.

Mortgage Stress Continues On a High Plateau In November

October Mortgage Stress Higher Again – See The Top 10 Post Codes

Top 10 Mortgage Stress Count Down – September 2017

More than 30,000 of the nation’s ‘richest’ households in financial distress

Mortgage Stress Still On The Up

ABC Four Corners Does Mortgage Stress

Mortgage Stress Gets Worse in July

Mortgage Stress Grinds Higher In June

Australians Curb Spending as Household Debt Balloons

Mortgage Stress Accelerates Further In May

What The Mortgage Stress Data Tells Us

Mortgage Stress And Default Probability Rise Again In April

Record numbers under mortgage stress

Mortgage Stress Analysis Using the DFA Market Model

Seven News Melbourne Does Mortgage Stress

Nine News Does Mortgage Stress

This will all be rolled up into our next Property Imperative Report, to be published in a couple of months.

Note that a number of people went to our 2015 report – The Stressed Household Finance Landscape, which looks at households and their use of small amount credit contracts, a.k.a. payday lending. This is a separate stream of work.

So Where Will The Property Market Go In 2017?

Mortgage Stress And Probability Of Default Is Rising

Mortgage Stress Covers 18.5% Of Book Value

A Segmented View Of Mortgage Stress and Default

Top 20 Postcodes For Mortgage Stress Across Australia

New DFA Video Blog – Household Mortgage Stress and Defaults

The Full 100 Mortgage Stress Listing

Mortgage Default Heat Map Predictions

Channel Nine News Does House Prices and Mortgage Defaults

Affluent suburbs feel heat from rising property costs

ABC News 24 Does Affluent Mortgage Stress

A Cumulative View Of Mortgage Rate Sensitivity

One in five homeowners will struggle with rate rise of less than 0.5%

Home loan rates heading higher as funding costs rise, competition eases

ABC News 24 Does Household Mortgage Rate Sensitivity

Mortgage Stress Grinds Higher

More than 1 million Australians face mortgage strife

Latest Greater Sydney Mortgage Stress Mapping

Latest Greater Brisbane Mortgage Stress Mapping

Latest Greater Melbourne Mortgage Stress Mapping

Latest Greater Perth Mortgage Stress Mapping

Mortgage Stress Rises Again

Getting To Grips With Mortgage Stress

Tracing The Rise Of Mortgage Stress

Latest On Victorian Mortgage Stress

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Author: Martin North

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