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Bankikng Customers and their channel peferences Australian Residential Property and Mortgage Trends How Financially Stressed Households Cope


The Quiet Revolution.


Results from our 2016 Household Survey focussing on banking channel preferences


From the introduction:


DFA has just updated the 26,000 strong household survey examining their channel preferences. This report summarizes the main findings.


We conclude that the move towards digital channels continues apace, facilitated by new devices including smartphones and tablets, and the rise of “digital natives” – people who are naturally connected. The penetration of banking “apps” has facilitated the revolution.  Indeed, we have reached a tipping point where “mobile first” strategies should be the order of the day.


We outline the research findings across each of our household segments. These segments are derived from multi-factorial analysis, taking account a range of factors, including age, income, location, behaviour and financial footprint.


We also examine the financial profiles and profit outcomes of those who are digitally aligned and compare them with those who are not. Generally, the more profitable customers are those who are migrating the fastest.


In this edition we examine potential demand for “robo-advice” services and discuss the current regulatory context for these robotic services.


We conclude that the digital migration creates both threat and opportunity. The threat is that traditional channels, especially the branch, become less relevant to digital natives, and becomes the ghetto of older, less connected, less profitable customers. The future lays in the digital channels, where the more profitable and digitally aware already live. Players need to migrate fast, or they will be overtaken by the next generation of digital brands who are looking towards becoming digital players in financial services..

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