Revealed – The Top-Ten Digital Suburbs Across Australia

We finish our review of the top digital suburbs across Australia by revealing the top ten post codes with the highest counts of households who are digitally inclined.

10-digital-suburbsThis is an interesting list because it consists of a wide spread of household segments, locations and states. This means that counter to the initial idea of a standardised “digital first” approach, effective digital strategy needs to be tailored and targetted to each group. Segmentation is still required.

The truth is that effective digital strategy still requires intimate knoweldge of the target groups. This is something which can be done more easily via digital channels, if the strategy is built correctly. However, many players are yet to harness the potential this offers, and to appreciate the full implications for those with a strong physical geographic footprint.

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Author: Martin North

Martin North is the Principal of Digital Finance Analytics

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